Lunch & Learns

Open dialogue and new perspectives nourish all communities.



Lunchbreak is a perfect opportunity to step outside of the everyday. Attendees of a Lunch & Learn will leave with a deeper understanding of Indigenous history in Canada, and the roles, benefits and responsibilities of Treaty relationship.

These informative sessions are often used as an introduction to adopting aspects of Indigenous worldviews into a business or organization to enhance systems and processes, client relationships and internal culture.


Lunch & Learn Topics

Select from any of the topics below or allow us to develop a multi-session curriculum for you:

  • An Abridged History of Turtle Island

  • An Introduction to Worldviews of Indigenous Peoples in Canada

  • A Primer on Treaty and Treaty Relationships

  • Understanding Land Acknowledgements

  • An Introduction to Indigenous Data Sovereignty

  • Staying Warm: A Guide to Allyship in Action 


Check out our events calendar for upcoming sessions or contact us to book a Lunch & Learn.