An informed answer always brings us closer to achieving our vision.

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Shifting mindsets can trigger big questions. Under our Knowledge & Research wing, we help clients who don’t have a budget for public engagement to answer Indigenous-related questions.

We work with you to develop the research question(s) that will best inform your equity audit, brand, policy making or new legislation, and produce knowledge of how to best support your organization’s benefactors and vision for the future.


Our Approach

We begin by articulating the right question. After helping you develop and define a research question, we consult our extensive database of interviews and surveys with Indigenous people, pull relevant data, and reach out to community members to gain further information.

An analysis of the findings allows us to develop a robust and comprehensive answer to your question, potential confounding factors, and any future research pathways to pursue. The report provides final findings, insights and a practical application to your business or organization.


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