Expanding the boundaries of your story.


Through open dialogue and exploration, we engage our clients, including business owners, non-profits and institutions, in a public engagement process informed by Indigenous governance principles. We pull from a library of proven content, exercises and materials to effectively expand your team’s skills and knowledge. Concepts and tools are learned, then immediately applied to serve practical aspects of your organization.

Naheyawin is a collaborative and informed partner, not only for organizations serving Indigenous peoples, but those choosing to consciously serve a greater community. For example, we are a guide for those with the desire to modernize operations, funding and policy through the implementation of inclusion principles.


Our Approach

Engagement starts with the Discovery phase in which we seek counsel from local and specialized knowledge keepers. Indigenous perspectives are compiled into a series of short reports summarizing insights and become the basis of the design process. 

From the discovery findings, we Design a custom engagement process, meaning protocols, ceremonial requirements, community outreach and session agendas are chosen according to the needs of the client. In the Facilitation step, we put the engagement design into action and produce a short report detailing input from the community. Insights are outlined in the final report, summarizing all sessions and recommendations for the project, as well as future engagement considerations.   


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