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Fringe Theatre Adventures

The Edmonton International Fringe Festival is the longest running and largest festival of its kind in North America. Inspired by the Edinburgh Fringe, Founder Brian Paisley began the theatre festival in Edmonton in 1982 with 25 shows in five venues in its first year.

This year, there will be between 220-240 shows, 1600 performances and upwards of 130,000 people in attendance. The Fringe has become a world-wide phenomenon because of its founding principles: 100% of ticket value goes back to the artists and the art itself is completely uncensored. Murray Utas (MU) is Artistic Director and Adam Mitchell (AM) is Executive Director of Fringe Theatre Adventures.

Fringe Theatre Adventures has been a Tatataw member since Spring 2017 when Murray and Adam attended the Tatawaw Inception Ceremony.

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Café Rista

Cafe Rista was born of the desire to nourish a micro-community in Edmonton’s Grovenor neighbourhood where residents and professionals could congregate for a great meal and quality coffee. Since 2010, Simon Taylor and his wife and business partner, Erica Sorrell have attracted a steady stream of regulars and new-comers to their pocket just off Stoney Plain Road.

In Spring 2018, Simon became a Tatawaw member.

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