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Building the Hearth

In April 2018, I was invited to accept what I like to call “my first adult award”—for the first time “youth” wasn’t in the title.

Some prominent individuals have been recipients of the Esquao Award, including Sarah Pocklington and Tantoo Cardinal and I was nervous to be placed in a category of women with far more life experience. In preparing for the big night, I reflected back on a talk I gave last Fall that Hunter and I called "Finding Agnes", about my search for my great grandmother.

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Hustle vs. Bubble

I’ve seldom entered a situation knowing what I am going to get out of it.

When I visited Standing Rock, North Dakota in December 2016, I went to support the Sioux community and observe what unyielding strength looks like. I witnessed protesters hard at work preparing food in the kitchens, taking care of the fire, and on the front lines and realized if I’d come with one idea, one leaning, inclined to discover a single outcome—simply to see Indigenous peoples fight a pipeline—I would have missed the real teachings of my visit.

That experience led me to see that if we only wait for moments where there is controversy or a fight to be had, we will miss the opportunity to make change. The challenge is to notice and listen to the lessons; however, when we go as hard and as fast as we can (which we love to do), we miss a lot of stuff. I find myself, more often than not, in the “hustle” space— a place not conducive to standing still. Or listening.

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