Zero To Hero: 5 Ways to Effectively Use Digital Marketing to Elevate your Business's Online Presence


Hey everyone! I’m Keltyn, the Marketing Coordinator here at Naheyawin, coming at you with my first blog post for our site!

Earlier this month, Hunter wrote about Indigenous Astronomy and how Indigenous teachings can be transitioned to future generations. I’m taking inspiration from Hunter and keeping on the theme of transition by talking to you a bit about transitioning your run-of-the-mill digital marketing efforts into a rock solid, lead generating tool.

More often than not, we see businesses who aren’t utilizing their online presence in an impactful way. Effective digital marketing is a combination of keen awareness of your current efforts and clarification of your goals in order to move forward in the best way possible. We help businesses elevate their digital marketing efforts, and create high-impact content to unleash significant results. Here are the steps that we take to take a client’s social media to new heights:

Identify Goals

This seems pretty simple but so many businesses don’t do it. Did you write a business plan when your first launched your company? Then you should have also identified the goals you want to meet through digital marketing! Do you want to bring your organization forward as an authority in your industry? Bring visibility to events that you host or endorse? Gain sales leads?

Whatever your reasoning, it’s important to establish goals that are attainable and measurable. This way you can check in quarterly to see how you’re doing and make any necessary changes.

Who is your Audience?

Create an audience profile. Who is your ideal audience and why? Are they teenagers aged 13-19 who live in Canada and love to dance, or maybe they’re middle class Edmontonians who live downtown and like shopping local. You want to be as specific as possible. Once your audience has been defined you can choose which social platforms your company will engage with to reach your target audience. Your teenage dancers will most likely be found on Instagram and your middle class local shoppers will be on Facebook AND Instagram.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 5.24.25 PM.png

Establish A Strategy

Every aspect of your digital marketing efforts should be executed for a specific reason. By creating a social media strategy you ensure that each social network you are posting content to is serving a purpose and helping you reach your goals. A social media strategy should include the following aspects:

  1. Goal Outline

  2. Audience Profile

  3. Voice and Tone Guide

  4. Necessary Social Platforms

  5. Frequency of Posts on Social Platforms

  6. Content Calendar

  7. Photo Styling Outline

  8. Measurables

Create Valuable Content

Each social media outlet that you are posting to should have unique and valuable content. This will help to showcase your business as a reputable and trustworthy company in your given industry.

I find that one of the biggest mistakes that companies make is that they cross post the exact same content to each outlet.  While this is the easiest and quickest way to populate your social channels, it will not bring great results. A post should be tailored to each social media outlet that it is being published on– this means keeping within character counts, properly sizing your images and only using hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. The Hootsuite Blog has a fantastic post about optimizing content for each social network.


It takes more than posting content regularly to your social channels to build a strong following; You absolutely, without question must engage. This means answering questions that your audiences posts on your pages, engaging with their content, and talking  back to them. Let them know that you are listening and interested in what they have to say. Social media isn’t a one sided tool, you must listen and react to your audience and give them more of what they want.

If you would like Naheyawin to audit your current digital marketing efforts and provide you with a comprehensive strategy shoot us a message!

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