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Life's a Batch! How to Batch and Schedule Content for Ease
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I will undoubtedly admit that digital content creation is vastly time consuming. Whether you have one client or ten, coming up with the ideas, creating, designing, writing, and publishing the content can be completely overwhelming.

Before I started at Naheyawin, I was working part time for a boutique communications and public relations agency as well as freelancing as a social media manager. Social media and digital content creation had become my blood, sweat, and tears but because I didn’t take the time to come up with a scheduling process I began to fall behind, which caused a spiral of reactive events.

  1. Exhaustion

  2. Extreme stress

  3. Decline in productivity

  4. Lower quality content

  5. Burnout

  6. Loss of confidence

When I made the jump over here to Naheyawin, I knew that I would have many tasks as the marketing coordinator and social media was sure to be one of them. To avoid another spiral of events that would inevitably lead to burnout, I sat down with our CEO and co-founder, Jacquelyn Cardinal, to come up with a process that would allow us to continue doing great work and have the capacity to take on more.

Have Content Ideation Meetings

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At the beginning of each month we gather together to have what are called “Content Ideation Meetings.” We have separate meetings for each client so that we can focus solely on that client's needs and come up with rad, impactful content that is specific to their audience.

These meetings last 1-2 hours and begin with a wrap-up report of the previous month’s analytics. We use these stats to help us set new goals and figure out what is and isn’t working in the digital marketing strategy. We then come together as a group to brainstorm all content including e-newsletters, social media, videos, and blog posts.

Schedule Content One Month in Advance

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After our content ideation meetings are complete we get right down to work creating all content! Using the scheduling software, Coschedule, we schedule all content for the upcoming month and sometimes are keen enough to begin scheduling content for the next 2-3 months. We are sure to leave a few blank days in the schedule for any unplanned posts that might pop up. For example, one of our clients may have a last minute event come up that we will need to fit into the schedule. Having that blank day allows us to shuffle some posts around to fit everything in.

Making Time for Engagement

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Most social media managers will tell you that one of the more fun parts of social media management is the engagement! But, while fun, it is certainly time consuming. To avoid sleepless nights and burnout, we take up to two hours each day to go through all of our accounts and engage with our audiences. Those two hours can be at any time during the day, but must be during our 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. working hours. It can be hard not to respond to a Tweet while lying in bed at 10:00 p.m. on a Wednesday evening, but we make sure to flag it and get back to it the next day.

Example Content Ideation Meeting Agenda

Date: Tuesday, January 2, 9:00 a.m.

Location: Homestead Coworking, Pehonan Boardroom 

Subject: Naheyawin Content Ideation Meeting for the Month of February


  1. Presentation of December’s Social Media Report and Analytics

  2. Discuss new goals for the month

  3. Plan all of February’s content Including:

    • 40 Twitter posts

    • 15 Facebook posts

    • 15 Instagram posts

    • 3 blog posts 

    • 2 E-newsletters


  • Speaker series event on February 2
  • Don’t forget February 14, Valentine's Day
  • February 17 is Random Act of Kindness Day
  • Hosting a webinar February 20

If you would like Naheyawin to audit your current digital marketing efforts and provide you with a comprehensive strategy shoot us a message!

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Zero To Hero: 5 Ways to Effectively Use Digital Marketing to Elevate your Business's Online Presence

Hey everyone! I’m Keltyn, the Marketing Coordinator here at Naheyawin, coming at you with my first blog post for our site!

Earlier this month, Hunter wrote about Indigenous Astronomy and how Indigenous teachings can be transitioned to future generations. I’m taking inspiration from Hunter and keeping on the theme of transition by talking to you a bit about transitioning your run-of-the-mill digital marketing efforts into a rock solid, lead generating tool.

More often than not, we see businesses who aren’t utilizing their online presence in an impactful way. Effective digital marketing is a combination of keen awareness of your current efforts and clarification of your goals in order to move forward in the best way possible. We help businesses elevate their digital marketing efforts, and create high-impact content to unleash significant results. Here are the steps that we take to take a client’s social media to new heights:

Identify Goals

This seems pretty simple but so many businesses don’t do it. Did you write a business plan when your first launched your company? Then you should have also identified the goals you want to meet through digital marketing! Do you want to bring your organization forward as an authority in your industry? Bring visibility to events that you host or endorse? Gain sales leads?

Whatever your reasoning, it’s important to establish goals that are attainable and measurable. This way you can check in quarterly to see how you’re doing and make any necessary changes.

Who is your Audience?

Create an audience profile. Who is your ideal audience and why? Are they teenagers aged 13-19 who live in Canada and love to dance, or maybe they’re middle class Edmontonians who live downtown and like shopping local. You want to be as specific as possible. Once your audience has been defined you can choose which social platforms your company will engage with to reach your target audience. Your teenage dancers will most likely be found on Instagram and your middle class local shoppers will be on Facebook AND Instagram.

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Establish A Strategy

Every aspect of your digital marketing efforts should be executed for a specific reason. By creating a social media strategy you ensure that each social network you are posting content to is serving a purpose and helping you reach your goals. A social media strategy should include the following aspects:

  1. Goal Outline

  2. Audience Profile

  3. Voice and Tone Guide

  4. Necessary Social Platforms

  5. Frequency of Posts on Social Platforms

  6. Content Calendar

  7. Photo Styling Outline

  8. Measurables

Create Valuable Content

Each social media outlet that you are posting to should have unique and valuable content. This will help to showcase your business as a reputable and trustworthy company in your given industry.

I find that one of the biggest mistakes that companies make is that they cross post the exact same content to each outlet.  While this is the easiest and quickest way to populate your social channels, it will not bring great results. A post should be tailored to each social media outlet that it is being published on– this means keeping within character counts, properly sizing your images and only using hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. The Hootsuite Blog has a fantastic post about optimizing content for each social network.


It takes more than posting content regularly to your social channels to build a strong following; You absolutely, without question must engage. This means answering questions that your audiences posts on your pages, engaging with their content, and talking  back to them. Let them know that you are listening and interested in what they have to say. Social media isn’t a one sided tool, you must listen and react to your audience and give them more of what they want.

If you would like Naheyawin to audit your current digital marketing efforts and provide you with a comprehensive strategy shoot us a message!

Interested in seeing more of what we do at Naheyawin? Check us out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!  

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Look to the Stars: Indigenous Astronomy (2).jpg

Hunter here - your friendly Director of Story - and I have a thought for you. It’s kind of long but bear with me:

A couple of years ago, around this time of the season  I stumbled upon Wilfred Buck. Mr Buck is a Cree science specialist with the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre in Winnipeg. He published his findings and research online about Cree constellations and the teachings of what is known as “the Sky World.”

Now the inner sci-fi nerd in me freaked out. Cree astronomy? What? Seriously? I devoured his research within moments. I learned alternative perspectives on constellations that up until now I felt no immediate connection too. Suddenly, the big dipper transformed into “Mista Muskwa” - the big bear - and held a teaching about the abuse of power. I could look up at the sky and not only see what my ancestors saw, but also the stories and teachings they found necessary to weave into the constellations.

What floored me the most was Mr. Buck’s mention of an indigenous concept of infinity. He wrote:

"Our Elders believe that what is above is mirrored below and this is our connection with misewa – all that is. There are stories and teachings that are known and stories and teachings yet to be found. What is presented here is but a glimpse of the traditional knowledge that is known and held by indigenous people throughout the world. Here are some stories of Keesik Aski – the sky world. As one Elder stated, ‘we are blessed to live under a blanket of stars."

Curiosity drove me to email Mr. Buck to learn more about misewa. Sure enough, he responded and explained that  “The term ‘misewa’ presents the concept of infinity.” He explained that all of us are a part of an ongoing and vast process of creation. Also, Mr. Buck noted that these constellations have important teachings that go along with them. These teachings speak of history, living in a good way, and more. But more importantly these constellations exist among many we have yet to discover.

What I took away from Mr. Buck was a profound connection to the past. Not just by looking up at the night sky, but through my direct connection to creation.

Below is the story of the constellation Mista Muskwa, as written by Mr. Buck:

This story concerns the attention earned by bullies and abusers of power. Kayas  - long ago - there was a huge bear that roamed over the lands. Similar to the story of Ochekatchakosuk, it may be interesting to note that the story of Mista Muskwa can be based on historic fact in that huge bears did roam North America; such as the Prairie Grizzly and the Short-Faced Bear during the last Ice Age. All beings were afraid of these bears because they were big, mean and powerful. They did what they wanted to do when they wanted to do it. They wrecked homes, destroyed winter food caches, scared game, ripped up edible plants and killed all who stood in their way. This went on for many years. One day, some fed-up animals decided to hold a meeting and discuss what could be done about this situation. A meeting was called and almost all of the animals showed up, because they all felt that the situation with the bear was unacceptable. After great outcries and stories of horror and tragedy, it was decided that the bear had to be removed from their traditional lands. At various times, the beings of the land tried to reason and calm the bear, but to no avail. The bear always did what it wanted to do and continued to damage property and hurt or kill others. Thus, it was decided that seven of the best trackers and hunters were chosen to remove the bear. It just so happened that the seven best trackers and hunters were birds and off they flew. The hunt was on as Tehpakoop Pinesisuk  the Seven Birds, chased Mista Muskwa. Not all beings were put off by the activities of the bear. The ravens found that they could have a comfortable, well-fed life if they just followed the bear around and feed on its left-overs. When they heard about what was to happen to the bear, the ravens went straight to Mista Muskwa and told him. He was outraged and set immediately out to find these “great hunters”. So it was that around the 11th  and 12th full moons of the year, a confrontation between Mista Muskwa and the hunters occurred. This confrontation was brief and did not lead to violence because when Mista Muskwa failed to scare his pursuers, he turned and fled, as all bullies do when confronted with determination and resolve. It is said that Mista Muskwa and his pursuers were so fast that they flew into the northern night sky. Just as this happened, the bear was mortally wounded and he turned and faced his attackers. Mista Muskwa was bleeding badly and he shook, as a wet dog would shake, and as he did, blood from his wound fell to the earth and landed and stayed on all the broad leafed plants. That is why the leaves of all broad-leafed plants change color in the fall. As Mista Muskwa, shook he also splattered a drop of blood on the bird that mortally wounded him. To this day, pipichew  – the robin – has a red chest. To remind all of the rewards of bullies, Mista Muskwa was placed in the sky along with the seven birds (Corona Borealis). Pipichew (the brightest of the 7 birds) was given a further honour by being granted a special egg. It was the color of the sky and had speckles that represented the stars.”

Great story hey? This story is old, like old old - maybe even 10,000 years old. I really struggle to think of any other stories that old.

What gives me pause to think - in addition to the profoundly old teaching - is the idea that there are other teachings to learn and discover.

So, to finish my thought for you, when our ancestors were learning how to live in a good way with their loved ones and friends, record their history, and reaffirm their values, they looked to the stars. With the growing challenges of our time - that we all are facing - I wonder what new teachings we will learn and how they will transition to our future generations? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! 

-Hunter Cardinal, Director of Story